Spiralizer Cookbook: 100% VEGAN: Energizing Spiralizer Recipes for Weight Loss, Detox, and Optimal Health (Vegan, Vegan Recipes, Vegan Cookbook, Holistic) (Volume 1)

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Irresistibly Good & Super Easy 100% VEGAN Spiralizer Recipes to Save Your Time, Lose Weight & Get Healthy!

Tasty insider techniques from the best European vegan chefs for awesome and nutritious 100% plant-based spiralizer recipes everyone will love!

We know how difficult it is to stick to a healthy lifestyle, especially when you want to keep it vegan and are new to it…Not to mention that you simply don’t have enough time to slave away in the kitchen. On top of that you want to create vegan meals that are tasty, original and visually appealing..

But don’t worry because with this vegan spiralizer cookbook we got you fully covered! Just follow the steps in the recipes and become the best amateur vegan chef in town! Create amazingly tasty and healthy fully vegan recipes and have everyone love you for it!

Here’s what simple spiralizer tricks can do for you and your vegan diet and lifestyle:

-your dishes get an interesting twist and changes textures and possibilities of any meal.

-you get the best nutrition from fresh fruits and veggies

-eating a vegan diet suddenly becomes tastier and more amusing- even children can use the device and participate in the preparation of the meals!

If you wish to eat less pasta because of the calorie or gluten content, vegetables can take its place advantageously without missing out on your favorite recipes. The spiralizer in vegan cooking is a perfect edition to your meal plan. You can keep it vegan, healthy, tasty, more visually appealing, and less time-consuming.

Here’s What You Are Just About to Discover:

-healthy nutritious breakfasts that will kick start your day and save you time out of your morning rush

-tasty lunches that will pick you up in the middle of the day

-wholesome & awesome comforting dinners to satisfy any type of hunger all night!

+ you will also learn some pretty darn-good snacks and treats…

You Will Enjoy Healthy & Tasty Vegan Recipes That Are Ridiculously Easy to Make!


Let me mention just a few of the vegan spiralizer recipes that are waiting for you:

•    Sweet Vegan Potato Scones on a Bed of Spiralized Apples
•    Chia, Coconut and Blueberry Pudding with a Spiralized Pear Topping
•    Raw Thai Salad with Spiralized Zucchini
•    Beet Salad with a Coconut Dressing
•    Indian Spiralized Celery Salad
•    Swedish Mushroom Soup
•    Raw Carrot, Cashew and Ginger Soup
•    Aubergine Pasta with a Creamy Herb Sauce
•    Creamy Thai Carrot Noodles
•    Spiralized Mediterranean Couscous

+many many more!

What are you waiting for?

Grab your copy now and discover a simple, vegan spiralizer system that will put your vegan diet & lifestyle on autopilot – so you don’t have to waste endless hours in your kitchen, you can enjoy your meals and feel relaxed and confident that you’re moving rapidly towards your best health and body ever!

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