RMB WPPB 21-Day Journey Cookbook: Making the Daniel Fast a Lifestyle

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There are ten top killers in the world today. Six of the ten have a direct link to the foods we eat. What if the cure could be found in the cause? The Bible is one source of information without ulterior motives. However, do we live our daily lives as if we believe in that truth? What if the Daniel diet wasn’t only a fast, but a lifestyle? Most individuals know that it takes 21 days to form a new habit and we may even know the benefits of a Plant-based lifestyle. Why have we not taken action? If we continue to do the same thing and eat the same foods, failure is imminent. Let’s start our Journey today! Our recipes are designed to empower its readers with the tools, support, and information. Renee M Beavers WPPB Cookbook’s affordable, nutritious, and delicious. Our Plant- Based, meals and its biblical principle,of putting God and his word first are the gateway to experiencing your God designed life. Join us on this journey toward living a life with fewer regrets together remember permanent changes produce lasting results. Renee M. Beavers Set to Launch 21-Day Journey Whole-Person Plant-Based Cookbook and Introduce Readers To Her Freedom from Food Lifestyle Movement Journey. Renee M Beavers recently announced the launch of her Whole Person Lifestyle Movement. The program has been called revolutionary and Beavers describes it this way, “This is a concept that will revolutionize your Lifestyle once and for all. It has been specially created for those people who are in desperate need of a simple system that ensures results with fewer regrets.” The Lifestyle Movement is Renee’ M. Beavers’ most recent initiative. She is the author of the “21-Day Journey Whole-Person Plant-Based Cookbook” and is a new certificate holder in plant-based nutrition from the T .Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies through ECornell University. Beavers is also a columnist for Impact Detroit International, Impact Atlanta International, and Faith, Magazine where she writes a column called “Ask Renee.” According to Beavers, her initial vision for the Whole -Person Lifestyle Movement is to bring freedom to all those individuals who are trapped in an unhealthy relationship with the food they eat. “Empowering individuals to take control of their relationship with food by leading them on a journey towards nourishing lifestyle changes that produce lasting results” is the mission statement of the movement and the movement follows three simple life-changing steps that feed an individual’s spirit, soul and body. The RMB whole-person Plant-Strong Lifestyle Movement is one movement with three steps, which overcome three obstacles, with three principles they are. 3-Day Detox Freedom from Food 21-Day Journey Cost *Time *Taste Priorities *Forgiveness* Choices As part of the introduction of the cookbook and Whole Person Lifestyle Movement, Beavers is offering a six-week small group curriculum Called Freedom from Food. The Lifestyle Movement is strategically designed to detoxify, revitalize, replenish and restore your spirit, mind and body to a whole state. I developed this program using extensive research, the study of God’s word, and Food Science. It is sustainable and easy to live within and it is not a “quick fix”, but a lifestyle. “

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