Easy Vegan Slow Cooker: Essential Guide to Healthy Lifestyle and Easy Weight Loss; With Proven, Simple and Delicious Crock Pot Recipes

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Are you looking for the most accessible recipe book to incorporate the amazing carefree cooking techniques of a Slow Cooker with the honorable and light-hearted Vegan Diet? If the answer is yes, then you have come to the right place!

Veganism is not merely a diet! It is preferably a way lifestyle, a form of revolution that allows an individual to protest against the harsh ways of humankind who are destroying the very essence of life as we know it. Followers of Vegan diet consider themselves to be the children of nature and make up their meals with whatever nature has to offer without harming even a tiny insect
If you are already a Vegan, then kudos to you! However, if you are a first-time warrior who is just prepping him/herself to embark on a Vegan diet, then there are certain things that you would want to know first!
This book has been designed to include all the necessary information required to follow a fully-fledged Vegan journey with ease. Since everything here is written in easy to understand bite sized portions, even an amateur will be able to grasp the concept in hours!
And just in case you are wondering, no! I did not forget about the Slow Cooker. Since the recipes found in this book are exclusively made using a Slow Cooker, I took some liberty to add a well-detailed chapter that revolves around the fundamentals of a Slow Cooker. It will give you an idea of how to buy your first cooker as well as the basic concepts of the cooker, which will allow you to create your very own masterpieces in no time!

Following a Vegan diet comes with essential benefits:

  • Protect your body from chronic diseases: A vegan diet will allow your body to protect itself from various diseases such as Type-2 Diabetes.
  • Lower down the chances of cardiovascular diseases: Going on a completely clean diet of vegetables and fruits, it will lower down the level of your bad cholesterol and improve the health of your heart, protecting it from cardiovascular diseases or Ischemic heart diseases.
  • Help you lose weight: During your vegan diet, you will be going on a diet that is lower on fat! This will not only make you healthy, but will also help you to lose weight.
  • Improve the strength of your brain: The vegan diet will pack you up with a lot of nutrients and minerals, all of which will improve the strength of your brain and protect it from strokes or Alzheimer’s.
  • Defend your body from cancer: A vegan diet will significantly increase the immunity of your body and help it defend itself from various cancers such as colon or prostate cancers.

And those are the just the tip of the Ice Berg! However, you must be wondering now. How does one follow a Vegan diet in general? Well…
While there are various forms of Vegan diet, the basic concept will always drill down to eliminating any, and every kind of animal/ animal derived produces from the menu and make up a diet wholly based on vegetables and fruits. Keep in mind that you should not mistake a Vegetarian Diet with a Vegan diet as both of them a slightly different from one another.
Once you have discovered the rules, tips and tricks and amazing advantages of the Vegan Diet, be ready to go through the mouthwatering recipes included in this book that will help to energize and trim down your body in no time!

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